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Yahoo and NFL Pleased with First, Live Global Game Web Stream

The first free globally streamed NFL regular season game provided a major stress test of over-the-top streaming video technology, as well as valuable information about global demand for such an offering.

The Sunday, October 25 game yielded more than 33.6 million total views and attracted more than 15.2 million unique viewers across the spectrum of connected devices on Yahoo and Tumblr, Yahoo said. Read more... 

Just as Market Begins to Embrace 4K HDTV, Here Comes 8k

Ultra-high-definition 4K video content will hit the market soon – and already one manufacturer is getting ready to launch monitor/TVs supporting even higher-definition 8K video. The new devices, which boast 85-inch screens, come from Sharp and are set to go on sale October 30. The devices have display resolution 16 times that of 4K or older 1080p HDTV.Price tag? The Japanese yen equivalent of $130,000, give or take a few thousand. Read more...

Streaming Audio Adoption: 66% of U.S. Households Are Users

Video streaming has much of the attention in today’s broadband marketplace, but it’s not the only popular streaming application. In planning for customers’ broadband capacity needs, service providers should take care not to overlook streaming audio as well. Read more...

IoT and the Cloud: Open Interconnect Consortium Releases Open Source Spec

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction, some developers see it as a logical candidate for a cloud approach. Success in this area is likely to require standards – and standards body Open Internet Consortium (OIC) is stepping up to establish standards in this area. Read more...

UNH-IOL Open Networking Integrator's List Targets Data Center Operators

Service providers that operate their own data centers could find the job of operating those data centers a bit easier now that the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) has released the Open Networking Integrator's List, which according to UNH-IOL is an industry first. The list provides the only independently vetted public directory of networking products based on Open Compute Specifications, UNH-IOL highlights in a press release. 

During the event, UNH-IOL also announced the launch of the UNH-IOL Open Networking Test Services Consortium, which aims to coordinate ongoing interoperability testing. Read More...

Wearable Wi-Fi Antenna

New research suggests we could find ourselves wearing Wi-Fi within a few years, potentially paving the way for healthcare and other applications. A new, ¨stretchable¨ antenna developed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia may well hasten the coming of connected clothing.  Read more...

October 2015

Finley Active NOC Presentation

Finley Active NOC© Service ensures you have around the clock proactive management of your network and critical servers with a staffed network operations center.  Our staffed NOC monitors your equipment via proactive alerts for most common performance impacting conditions and failure events.  Finley Active NOC is fully customizable to your business. Learn more in this overview.

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