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October is National Cybersecurity Month

Join us for Cybersecurity: Are Your Employees the Weakest Link? A free webinar on October 15th, 2pm ET.

You are an IP service provider so your company is 100% on top of cybersecurity, right? What about your end-users? Your enterprise clients' employees? Go beyond the basics in this webcast as we discuss training and educating from the inside out and best practices for stepping in to assist your customers when a problem presents itself.  Register here

Stop. Think. Connect

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, designed to engage and educate public and private partners through events and initiatives with the goal of raising awareness about cybersecurity and increasing the resiliency of the nation in the event of a cyber incident.   We’ve included on our blog, the weekly events and themes the Department of Homeland Security developed which can be used in your organization’s promotion of cybersecurity awareness. Read more...

Just as Market Begins to Embrace 4K HDTV, Here Comes 8K

Ultra-high-definition 4K video content will hit the market soon – and already one manufacturer is getting ready to launch monitor/TVs supporting even higher-definition 8K video. The new devices, which boast 85-inch screens, come from Sharp and are set to go on sale October 30. The devices have display resolution 16 times that of 4K or older 1080p HDTV. Read more...

Internet Backbone Map Aims to Enhance Network Security

Four years in the making on the part of University of Wisconsin computer science professor Paul Barford and around a dozen colleagues, a map of the backbone of the Internet could be the key to enhancing the global information network's resiliency, according to an MIT Technology Review report.  Read more...

Investment in Distribution is Aimed at Helping to "Digitize the System as the Grid Evolves

The power sector's investment in the distribution system is intended to accomplish several things, including "digitize the system" in order to allow for two-way information flows "because we're integrating more and more distributed resources into the system every day," said Lisa Wood, vice president of the Edison Foundation, and executive director of the Institute for Electric Innovation, at a Sept. 17 event. Read more...

What's Behind the Drop in Wi-Fi Equipment Sales?

Perhaps surprisingly, the market for wireless LAN equipment was particularly weak in the second quarter of 2015, according to International Data Corporation. But fortunately for those network operators that sell WLAN equipment, the researchers believe the downturn is a temporary one. Read more...

Bored? Soon your Smartphone Will Notice

Smartphone app developers continue to express their creativity, mathematical and programming skills, giving rise to an ever wider range of apps that not only track physical locations and network communications, but behavior and, according to a report from MIT Technology Review, your state of mind. Read more...

October 2015

Finley Active NOC Services

External customers expect your services to be available at any time. But staffing and managing a proactive 24/7 NOC is a large draw-down on margins for small and medium service providers, and a large expense for similarly sized businesses too. Outsourcing support to the right team can save much of this cost without reducing the quality of your customer’s experience with your service. Finley has the right team.

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Finley Engineering experts will be attending the following upcoming events. We hope to see you there!

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