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Scientist Makes Military Wireless Communications Breakthrough

Though still theoretical, Jafar's innovative work in network information theory not only reduces the bandwidth required to send and receive wireless communications in secret. It also jams interfering signals from other network users. That enhances the ability of military communications personnel to send and receive messages in secret and helps guarantee communications security, ONR explains. Read more...

Pay TV Subscriber Losses Hit New Record

The pay TV industry is clearly at a crossroads, as new research from Strategy Analytics illustrates. North America's digital TV operators continued to lose subscribers in significant numbers over the course of 2015's second quarter, the research firm found. Indeed, total subscriber losses for the group monitored by Strategy Analytics were the highest recorded yet. Strategy Analytics tracks the top 20 North American digital TV operators, which comprise more than 95% of the total market, according to a press release. Read more...

IEEE to Study Next-Generation EPON

The IEEE has established a study group focused on next-generation Ethernet passive optical network (NG-EPON), which will be part of the 802.3 series of Ethernet standards.

Study groups under the 802.3 umbrella provide a forum for experts to come together to develop a proposal for an IEEE 802.3 standards-development project.  Read more...

IHS Infonetics Finds 80 Percent of Carriers Deploying SDN

Software defined networking is going mainstream, according to new research from IHS Infonetics. More than 8 in 10 (82%) of worldwide carriers surveyed said they have deployed or are in the process of deploying SDN this year. 

Carriers are looking to deploy SDN, which separates the control plane from the data plane, in most parts of their networks, IHS Infonetics found. Customer cloud services, inter- and intra-data center links and access for businesses were cited as the top SDN deployment domains. Read more...

September 2015

Next generation access technologies fueling the rise of a gigabit future. 

Not so very long ago, gigabit capable access networks were limited to discussions on PowerPoint slides. Today, telcos, cable companies, cooperatives and municipalities are actively deploying gig-capable networks across the U.S. These ultra-high-speed, low-latency networks are serving urban, suburban and rural areas alike because everyone, everywhere can benefit from their capabilities, including the service providers who operate them.

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